Still Point is delighted to announce our new medical care service …


As we and our family members grow older, medical care can become even more important than ever. And presence, reassurance, and a sense of “being there” is an integral component of caring for those we love as they age. If you have a family member who resides in an Assisted Living Home or Center, Still Point’s Eldercare option can mean a world of difference.

For an annual membership fee and a flat rate per month, Assisted Living residents can have 24/7/365 access to their own doctor: not an intern, not a locum, not a nurse or medical assistant, nor “the doctor on call” … but their own doctor who knows them and their family. Eldercare is an affordable means to provide convenience, access, and peace-of-mind.

With Eldercare, we provide consultations with residents in the comfort of our office or the comfort of their own Assisted Living facility. We can perform medical consultations, selected in-house testing, prescriptions, referrals, discussion with family members, and wellness or reassurance checks.

To find out more about Eldercare and if it is in your area, please contact Still Point Medical.


unsplash-logoCristian Newman

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