Did You Know?

Still Point is nine months old! That’s something worthy of celebration.

And so, in the spirit of celebrating and the idea of sharing, we’d like to share a few “Did You Knows” about our Direct Care practice with you.

Did you know that:

Time …

  • Patients spend, on average, 35-45 minutes in consultation at Still Point
  • The wait time at Still Point is typically under two minutes
  • If you, or a family member needs to wait, there are many beautiful waiting areas at Still Point, including a Japanese Garden, orchard (you can even pick the fruit if you want to), and patio with waterfall
  • Same or next-day appointments typically available

Cost …

  • A visit to Still Point costs less than a typical visit for acupuncture, massage therapy, oil change and tune-up, or nail appointment
  • Your membership opens the door to 24/7/365 access to your own doctor

And that …

  • Still Point is owned and administered by a person with a disability (Autism)
  • Three therapy poodles are on site
  • There are no computers in the consulting room
  • Still Point has been ASF certified as an Autism Spectrum Friendly location

So … come celebrate with us at Still Point!


 unsplash-logoFlorian Klauer

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