What’s Your Schedule?

It is distressing to us that contemporary medicine seems to have little or no concept about what “direct care” means. Several times, we’ve had hospitals call us to schedule a follow-up appointment for patients who will be discharged. We try to explain to these well-meaning people that our patients know that they can call andContinue reading “What’s Your Schedule?”


What Makes a Good Life?

We’d like to share a relatively recent TED talk, “What Makes a Good Life”? This talk draws from lessons learned in what is billed as the “longest study on happiness”: the 75-year-old Harvard Study of Adult Development. So, what makes a good life? We’ll let the speaker convey the results, though will share now thatContinue reading “What Makes a Good Life?”

Physicians and “Moral Injury”

A recent article by Simon Talbot and Wendy Dean spoke volumes to us here at Still Point. The article, titled “Physicians Aren’t Burning Out …” takes the idea of “burnout” and replaces it with the concept of physicians suffering “moral injury.” What this means, the authors argue, is the inherent chasm between, on one side, the expectationsContinue reading “Physicians and “Moral Injury””

That’s Not Fair!

What’s “Blue Book” fair? It’s a “fair” price for patients to pay, as determined by The Health Care Blue Book, for their health care. In New Mexico, according to the Blue Book, a “fair” price to see a family practitioner is as follows: 25 minute consultation: $132 40 minute consultation: $178 New patient consultation: $256 SoContinue reading “That’s Not Fair!”


From the Latin, “hospitalis,” the practice of hospitality was considered a virtue for early Christians. A “hospitalia” was, historically, a place where people were warmly received and cared for. The word has since branched off. We now think of “hospital” as a place where the sick are treated and “hospitality” as kindness, warmth, and congeniality,Continue reading “Hospitality”

Saving Small Business $$$

The Backbone is Breaking So often we hear that small business is the “backbone” of the nation. It’s a politician’s favorite catch-cry. The backbone, however, is breaking under the stress of escalating expenses and crippling costs, despite the glib promises of tax relief. And, one of the most pressing issues for small business owners andContinue reading “Saving Small Business $$$”