Saving Small Business $$$

The Backbone is Breaking

So often we hear that small business is the “backbone” of the nation. It’s a politician’s favorite catch-cry.

The backbone, however, is breaking under the stress of escalating expenses and crippling costs, despite the glib promises of tax relief. And, one of the most pressing issues for small business owners and their employees is the cost of health care.

We’re not just talking about the ever-rising costs of premiums, which have just risen again by an average of 20 percent (when was the last time earnings went up that much in a year?), but the toll that sick employees and employers can take on a business.

There’s a new trend that takes on both these issues: Direct Primary care partnering with small business. And it’s good not only for the health of small business owners and their employees, but for the financial health of the small business as well.

Here’s How It Works

Employers select less expensive, high-deductible insurance premiums for themselves and their workers. Then, they contract with a Direct Care doctor to provide 24/7/365 access to primary medical care – including visits to the workplace if needed.

Imagine that.

After work. At work. Evenings. Weekends. On the way to work. The Direct Care primary doctor is there when you need her to be.

An employee with a sinus infection. He can call his doctor and receive care that day, that moment, without having to miss work or wait hours at the Urgent Care.

An employer with bronchitis. She doesn’t have to wait to be treated. She can consult her Direct Care doctor by phone and be seen on her schedule. 

An Affordable Investment

Direct care is affordable for small business, especially when we think of time as money. At Still Point, our flat fee rate of $60/month per person (with a recommended employer-employee contribution of 70:30) covers an annual wellness exam and up to six consultation visits per year.

In combination with a high-deductible insurance plan, Direct Care is good for your business. Preventive care – and care when it’s needed – can go a long way in helping prevent more serious medical problems.  Keeping your workers and yourselves as employers healthy is a good investment for them, for you, and for your business.

Look up a Direct Care Primary practice or physician today and ask them about the services they can provide in partnership with your small business.


Álvaro Serrano

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