Medicine. Done Really Differently.

One of our patients commented the other day about an aspect of Still Point we’d like to share: the privacy and confidentiality of Still Point.

“It is so different,” our patient said, “than any other medical practice.”

Sometimes, people are surprised when they see Still Point. It is so different from what they expect — everything from its beautiful, quiet surroundings, to setting an appointment quickly and easily, to the individualized attention, to there being no computer in the consulting room, to the time their doctor actually spends with them.

Our patients are also surprised to learn that we strive to accommodate their schedules, not the other way around! Need an appointment this evening? — after hours? We can probably do it. Need to see us tomorrow? Yes, we can likely do that, too.

As a Still Point Direct Care patient, you deal directly with us. No front office staff. No bureaucracy. No changing personnel.

Instead, there is privacy. Confidentiality. A calm, quiet environment. A place where you, as the patient, really do come first. You, after all, are the reason that we can do what we do.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to check out Still Point Medical on our website and discover medicine done differently for yourself.


Matt Briney

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