Access: Why People Are Choosing Direct Medical Care

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Increasingly, people are choosing Direct Care practices for their health care needs. Why is this? What is a Direct Care practice? And, why are so many people choosing it?

While there are many reasons people are choosing direct care practices as an alternative to the mainstream insurance/third-party payer family practice clinic, one of the main ones can be summed up in one word:


In a Direct Care practice such as Still Point, patients have 24/7 access to their own physician. And, the time each patient spends with the doctor is likely to be as long as is needed.

Though it’s true that Direct Care practices do not accept insurance, the cost is not as expensive as some may think. In fact, as little as $0.30 a day (yes, that’s thirty cents) opens the door to 24/7 access to your own private physician at Still Point.  And, given that the practice size is so small, each patient is given more individualized attention than is possible at large, typical family-practice clinics.

The cost of Direct Care consultation at Still Point is reasonable, too. A 30-minute (or longer) consultation will cost about $60. That’s less than it might cost for a mechanic to look at your car … or a plumber to respond to a call-out, and that’s BEFORE they even lift a tool! Also, you will receive same day or next-day appointments. No lengthy waits!

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Think of it as an investment in yourself. Put another way,
it’s a gift to yourself for taking care of your health and wellness.

Some people think that Direct Care is the same as a “Concierge” practice. It’s not. Although both offer 24/7 access and small practice sizes to afford more personalized attention, Concierge practices typically charge an annual fee that can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or more. And, while the Concierge practice does “take insurance,” you are still responsible for all your deductibles and other payments according to your insurance plans.

You have choice as a patient in the American health care system. You can choose to go Direct Care, or Concierge, or the traditional route of insurance/third-payer and typical family practice clinics.

The chances you take with traditional family practices, though, are long waits for an appointment — at times, up to three months or more just for a follow-up visit — and much less time actually spent with your doctor. And then there’s also the relative anonymity of practices with large patient panels, where there’s limited time for staff to get to know you personally and the patient can end up feeling more like a number than a person.

So, become informed and make the choice that’s right for you. Know you have options. Take a look at a Direct Care practice today. You can check out Still Point or do your own Google search to find a practice near you.

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