Why Still Point?

DRINK ME REDStill Point is medicine, done differently.

A private, Direct Care practice that costs less than a daily latté, Still Point is a good fit if you are a patient who wants to:

  • Have 24/7 access to your own doctor
  • See your doctor the same or next day
  • Be asked “how can we help?” — not “what’s your insurance?
  • Spend more time talking with your doctor
  • Know exactly what your medical costs will be

Direct Care is a different way of practicing medicine. It’s a lot like the way it used to be. It’s called “direct care” because there is a direct relationship between you as the patient and your doctor. There is no insurance and no corporate medical model. You pay a membership fee, or pay-per-service, and this opens the door to your doctor 24/7.

Because the practice size is kept small, you receive individualized care. Your doctor has time to listen and respond to your health care needs and concerns. You can set same-day or next-day appointments. You can also talk with your doctor by phone, email, or even Skype.

Direct Care is all about access to your physician. It is not insurance and does not substitute for insurance. Many Direct Care patients can save on health premiums, however, by choosing a high deductible insurance for catastrophic health care and then pay for their day-to-day medical care with Direct Care services.

It’s a funny thing about insurance. As Samir Qamar MD, founder of MedLion, observed: Insurance “is in the business of risk management via coverage for rare, expensive events. Nearly every industry in this country uses insurance in this manner — except health care.”

Medical care in this country has changed, and good healthcare is no longer something we can take for granted. Mike Huckabee, in a 2014 keynote speech, made a rather grim prediction about medicine, stating that in the future “basic family physicians will either be in concierge [Direct Care] medicine or ‘God help you medicine’.”

Steven D. Knope MD, author of Concierge Medicine, is even more direct: “You cannot simply pay an insurance premium anymore and expect good healthcare. You must take things into your own hands.”

Your health is at the heart of all that you do. It’s an important investment in yourself.

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